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August 29, 2012

kudos guys

Valerie warns all her single girlfriends to be very wary of separated men because most of them really are in a crazy state and there’s nothing they like better than to score points off a new girlfriend – gaining a bit of kudos – and getting even in a vicarious way with the wife who dumped them.

“I had the misfortune to date a newly separated man who attempted to drive me as crazy as he was by trying to gain kudos at my expense,” says Valerie, “and after that experience I stayed clear of these crazies.”

"We were at a restaurant party with a group of friends," explains Valerie, "and I discovered my purse was missing when it was time to pay the bill. This guy I was with announced loudly something along the lines that I must be losing my mind."

“Everyone laughed uncomfortably, and I actually did start worrying about my sanity,” says Valerie. “Actually, I had felt uneasy since I had first met the guy – he was incredibly handsome but there was something about him that I just couldn’t figure out.”

“A week later I found my purse in his kitchen drawer, and he told me that I must have put it there,” says Valerie, “and suddenly I understood what he was trying to do.”

"I just grabbed my purse and refused to see the guy again," says Valerie. "He must have deliberately taken my purse and placed it in his kitchen drawer, knowing that I'd find it when I fixed coffee at his place."

"If a crazy guy attempts to drive you crazy in private," says Valerie, "then you may escape pubic humiliation but at the same time you don't have other people to corroborate what he is doing should things really get out of hand."

"Typical of kudos is when a man boasts to his friends about having you as a girlfriend - especially if you are not his girlfriend and you have not had sex with him," says Valerie.

"Even if you have had sex with a guy it is still a slap in the face to have your private sex-life broadcasted to his friends," says Valerie, “so if you feel that a guy is trying to score points off you - gain a bit of kudus at your expense - then drop him fast.”

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